Video Ideation

Craft Videos that Don't Just Tell a Story
They Build Your Industrial Brand.

We specialize in turning complex industrial topics into inspiring and effective video content.

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Why settle for ordinary? 6 unique advantages of video ideation by Gobsmacked® video.

Visual storytelling

We transform your brand's message into a visual narrative that speaks to your audience.

Unified Messaging

Technical Integration


Every video is designed to maximize your return on investment.

Repurposing Potential

Unlock the power of repurposing the video into many different assets.

Compliance & Safety

Videos that adhere to industry standards and safety protocols.

Interactive elements

Incorporate interactive features for a more engaging viewer experience.

Video Ideation

We help B2B marketers in manufacturing make every frame count. Here’s how.

Our process of creating a unique creative concept for your video. By following clear steps we work towards a complete concept, ready for production.

Start your video project
Creative Brief
Idea Pitch
Final Video Concept
The outcome, services
the outcome

Your blueprint to capture the magic of manufacturing.

Synopsis & script
Concept Art
Production budget proposal
Creative concepting

Clear-cut pathways to success. Driven by human creativity, amplified with AI.


A unique video concept in 4 steps ready for production.

3 weeks lead time
One fixed fee
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Best portfolio pieces

“What Gobsmacked do is make engineering ‘emotional’. Brands in our sector have felt a restraint or convention on what they produce. What you have here is a company that will push your envelope and you should listen to them.”
Simon Aspinall, marketing manager EMEA at Sulzer
Frequently asked questions

Frequently asked questions

Why can't I just tell you what I want in the video? Why do we need ideation?
What makes your team qualified to produce videos for industrial brands?
What kind of technology do you use in your video production?